Vacuum breast lift is a non-surgical breast lift treatment that is safe and has enormous effects. With several ineffective non-surgical breast lifting treatments already in the market, the vacuum breast lift is showing some promise for those looking for non-surgical breast enlargement treatments. While some enlargement treatments may cause mild swelling of your breasts and make them like some millimeters higher, the vacuum breast lift treatment is a safer alternative. The treatment focuses on pectoral muscles, helping lift loose skin in the process. It also helps lymph and blood circulation to the breast, which can help soften localised fatty deposits. This revolutionary breast enhancement treatment lifts and shapes your breast helping you to achieve that confidence and appearance you want


Unlike surgery or other breast enlargement procedures, vacuum breast lift has the following benefits:

  • Potentially long-term results' duration
  • No downtime. You can go to work immediately after the treatment session
  • The procedure takes only 30 to 40 minutes per session
  • Immediate full recovery
  • Not an aesthetic required
  • Immediate results

The side effects of the treatment are minor. A slight sensitivity that lasts for a few days and mild redness expressed milk. are some of the side effects. This side effects won't prevent you from doing your daily duties. The results may vary depending on the number of treatment you want. You will require anything between 1 and 8 treatment sessions for constructive results.

  • Raises, Enlarges And Reaffirms The Breasts Without Surgeries
  • Increase the Skin Flexibility
  • Release the Venous And Lymphatic Flow
  • Exfoliates The Epidermis Making Skin Softer
  • Stimulates Dermis And Hypoderims
  • Decrease Muscle Tension 



It is recommended to introduce cupping gently in the second trimester. Recognize that a conservative approach is necessary as structures may be more responsive during pregnancy due to the hormonal changes in the body.Cupping will not be done lateral to the lumbar spine.


It is recommended to express milk before cupping therapy to prevent exposing the infant to an altered breast milk taste following the treatment. It is advised to pump and dump the breast milk and feed the baby with the pre-cupping treatment expressed milk.

Children and the Elderly

A gradual and gentle introduction of cupping therapy will be applied with children and the elderly. We will access the reaction to the treatment and adjust accordingly.


Visible markings can result from cupping from 3 to up to 7-8 days following treatment. You must be comfortable with the markings, otherwise, cupping therapy is contraindicated.

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